Monday, April 21, 2008

Surprise Twins!

I think the title really says it all... We had a surprise twin delivery at MMC recently! Usually we are very good at finding signs pointing to multiple pregnancies in which case we request ultrasounds and we continue their prenatals, but refer them for delivery at the hospital due to midwife/doctor regulations.

This time, however, the mom went through the whole pregnancy and no one knew - actually no one knew until the first baby came out much smaller than expected (5 pounds something) for the mom's tummy size, so the supervisor (Krys) put a doppler (to hear the baby's hearttones) on the mom's stomach and sure enough another heartbeat was immediately found! The next baby that delivered was much smaller only weighing in at about 3 pounds, but both of them were healthy!

Both parents and midwives at Mercy were shocked and there was alot of to-do around MMC (as this was the first twin delivery in the almost 2 years that I have been here). I wasn't there for the birth, I was upstairs doing prenatals :( but I got to see the babies just after and it was amazing.
These pictures are from a few days after the birth - the mom was anemic during pregnancy and wouldn't stop bleeding after birth, so she was transported to the hospital, but Naomi (the 1st year midwife who delivered the babies) is actually a mom of two and is still breastfeeding so it worked out perfectly for her to take the babies home to continue breastfeeding and make sure that they didn't get sick in the hospital. Glad to report they are still doing so well, but please continue to pray for these little girls and their mom who is in stable condition now, but still in the hospital.

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Elfin said...

Wow, I am pregnant for the 5th time. My first was stillborn at 31+ weeks. Second, third and fourth were fine. My last was the biggest at 8lbs 2oz. Over a lb bigger than the others.

Anyway, I am HUGE. I have gained 35 lbs at 29 weeks. Only you can't see it in my face or anything. I'm all belly. I am seriously wearing size 8 bottoms and I just bought XL tops, which are huge everywhere except for my belly. I have been trying to convince my midwife that there is another one in there, but she isn't buying it. I had two ultrasounds before I started thinking something was awry, and only one was there. I am measuring a little big, but only by a few centimeters. I think she said I was 31 cm at my 28 week checkup. I found a picture of myself with my last son though, the big boy, at exactly the point I'm at now (I remember the date) I was heavier in the face and body, but my belly was nowhere near the size I am now.

Oh, in the ultrasounds we couldn't tell the gender, either time. So, I have started picking up things in pink and blue, just to be ready. But I seriously feel like I'm going to be needing both sets. AM I CRAZY?